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Child's Voice changes the lives of children throughout the region. Based in Wood Dale, Child's Voice serves over 300 children annually from over 80 zip codes, including the Oak Brook community. Specializing in education and audiology services, Child's Voice empowers children with hearing loss to be successful in their education and communities.

At Child’s Voice, lives of children are changed. Learning to listen, speak, read and gain knowledge are the results of the programs at Child’s Voice. Children are empowered and prepared for a lifetime of learning with their hearing peers. Parents are given the opportunity to provide their child with the educational services they need. For 22 years, we have supported hundreds of families on their journey with hearing loss.

Babies begin listening even before they are born, learning the sounds of their mother, hearing her voice, her heartbeat. The first days, months, and years nurture language and listening skills as newborns and infants absorb sounds and voices. Deafness creates a void in this exposure to sound. The child with hearing loss is now working to close a gap in their early development of language and comprehension.

In spite of the challenges created by deafness, a child with hearing loss can learn to listen, to speak and to succeed. Through the incredible advances in technology, early identification and diagnosis, and early intervention services, children with hearing loss are able to achieve their educational dreams and celebrate the milestones they reach alongside their hearing peers.

Child’s Voice partners with families with the end goal of preparing each student to move into their neighborhood school districts and attend their local, mainstream schools. The programs at Child’s Voice focus on the mission of empowering children with hearing loss to be successful in all educational and social settings by optimizing their listening, speaking and academic skills.


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