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Language Advisors Network Group Inc.

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Language Advisors Network Group is a Global Leadership Training company with a suite of dynamic solutions designed to equip global leaders with skills they need to succeed while conducting business in culturally complex situations. We assist organizations to become culturally agile so professionals can perform successfully in various cross-cultural situations. In today’s society, cultural agility is extremely crucial to compete and win within global markets. Every sector is affected by globalization and the complexities it has created. Our face-to-face and web-based programs are designed to develop linguistic skills as well as cultural agility and prepare individuals strive in a global workplace, enhance team effectiveness and connect working cultures.

Core Competencies
• HR Solutions for the Workforce
• Industry Specific Solutions
• Sector-based Programs
• Community Development
• Partnership with Employers to Help Create Workforce Opportunities
• Continuous improvement
• Performance Management
• Operational Excellence
• Lean Six Sigma
• Global Mobility/Relocation
• Language and Intercultural Training Solutions
• Management Skills
• Assessments and Testing
• Executive Coaching
• Presentation Skills & Business Seminars
• Virtual Teaming
• Global Strategy Solutions
• Global Team Building


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