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About Us

Too many people drudge through the day in uninspired office spaces and cookie-cutter homes. Stuck in a place that doesn’t reflect their goals, values, and personality, they feel trapped, uncomfortable, and stuck. Worse, they become complacent and apathetic, maybe giving up on their dreams entirely.

At Rieke Interiors, we want you to have everything you need to build your ideal life. We believe that starts with your surroundings: You should love every inch of where you spend your time.

When people spend their days in spaces they love, they’re equipped and inspired to build their dream life.

Our Story

Todd Rieke always knew he wanted to “do things differently.” In 1992, he formed Rieke Office Interiors with the dream of bringing custom, innovative, and creative furniture to all types of workspaces. We’ve been designing and building exceptional spaces ever since.

Start thriving in a space that was built to inspire.

In 2019, Rieke became 100% woman owned and operated when Melissa Dotson and Colleen Baader purchased the company. Melissa started at Rieke as an accountant back in the ‘90s, eventually becoming a partial owner in 2010. With her own share of company history, Colleen has been leading the interior design portion of Rieke since 2014.

Together, they dream of building spaces that foster community and inspiration: Love every square inch of your space.