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To any organization that relies on high-functioning teams, Team Clock® is the brand of training and coaching that empowers team transformation because of its patented, battle-tested methodology.


Team Clock is dedicated to elevating teams through the application of proven clinical methodologies. Team Clock provides a simple path to healthy, thriving teams and organizations.


Teams can become dysfunctional, creating chasms that negatively impact morale, talent retention and the success of the business. Often, business or HR leaders recognize the problem, but they can’t fix the problem, either because they don’t know how or they have not been empowered within their organizations.


Team Clock’s solution is a powerful framework that transforms teams. It starts with an assessment to diagnose strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Using the data to guide next steps, Team Clock provides training on effective team functioning as well as individual and group coaching.


Certified Team Clock consultants administer the solution through a combination of assessments and on-site training and coaching. Subsets of the full methodology can also be packaged in the form of one-day trainings, assessment & diagnosis, or individual/group coaching.

Return on investment?

Team Clock transforms teams, impacting company culture and morale. By identifying and addressing the obstacles interfering with performance, teams can spend more time focusing on their work and less time on the politics of their workplace. Team Clock gives teams the tools they need to adapt to change and repair themselves for the lifespan of the entity.

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